3 Lies about CCTV Footage you SHOULD know !

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Thirty-Year Veteran of the Security Industry reveals the Lies, Mis-representations and Myths of security systems. This post talks about the lie of CCTV.


Will CCTV Deter Crime? Here are three "lies" my industry continues to use to market CCTV!   This blog post brings to light the first of three lies, all of which claim CCTV will deter crime! Stay posted for the following blogs as more lies unfold! 

20 years ago it may have been true that CCTV would deter crime unfortunately; this is no longer the case. For many of my colleagues out there, yelling at the screen and saying I am an idiot, just give me a moment to make my point clear. If you disagree, by all means comment, as I always post intelligent responses to my "opinions" on this blog. It may be that the word lie is a little strong but I felt it was the right word to use in this instance and if it caught your eye that’s probably why you’re reading this now.

Does CCTV Deter Crime? No, CCTV does not deter crime! IT’S WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE DATA THAT DETERS CRIME!

Quick Story, ten years ago we helped design a 200-camera system for a textiles plant that was losing massive amounts of inventory. The facility was spread out over numerous buildings with numerous exit and entry points - a security nightmare. After the deployment of the CCTV system and a few months of people forgetting about the CCTV system, we did an audit. By the way in those days it was all about Time-lapse-recorders and Multiplexers - thank heavens that now with video analytics those wasted hours of searching are over! The audit revealed three gentlemen running a separate clandestine business using our client’s inventory, directly out of one of the locations in the plant - We had them cold! Great right? Those guys are going straight to jail, or at the very least, employment terminated right?  

Wrong! Unfortunately that wasn’t the executive decision made from the data presented. The main culprit had been employed at the business for 25 years, so the CEO decided to give him a chance to redeem himself.  Since the main culprit’s employment wasn’t terminated, the other two accomplices were also extended another chance. Guess what happened next?  The rest of the employees got a clear message - "NO NEED to WORRY about the CCTV"!  It took a further 18 months of continued inventory losses, before the CEO could be convinced to be proactive with the data we were providing. It eventually took a "safety related incident" to get the executive committee to take action, but that’s another story.

My main point is this - CCTV on its own does not deter crime! What you do with the data provided by CCTV will create an effective CCTV System that does work! Before CCTV Video Analytics, I could understand why managers “fell short” of this task. After all who wants to sit around and review 8 hours of tape or digital files when you have a business to run?

Thankfully, those days are long gone, which is why Fairfax Electronics has launched this website and blog to answer your questions and to support and provide Intelligent CCTV Systems that work!  

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and be sure to follow the next installment of “lies” the industry continues to use to market CCTV, by signing up to our mailing list today, and read all about it in my next blog!

About the Author: Paul Ramos has been working in the Security industry for over 30 years. He holds multiple contractors licenses as well as training certificates. 



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