Support Packages


First 2 Hours of Technical Support

No Charge

This comes included with all our SERVERs. All support is through "teamviewer" 


Premium Support Outside of Warranty

Contact Us for Details

We will be here when you need us. Reasonable charge may apply.


Network and Router Support

Contact Us for Details

You may need our help setting up your network, we can handle that via "Teamviewer" a fee will apply.


Server Health Watch


This service consists of preforming a "health check" every 24 hours on the server functions. This is highly recommended, please contact us for further information or setup.


"After Hours" Agent Response Remote Video Monitoring

Contact Us for Quote

"We Watch For You"

Due to the sophisticated analytics we provide our MONITORING center can watch your home or business after hours and weekends. Notification sent to all parties you chose, including Law Enforcement.

Peace of Mind is here ! 


Training Video Access - Password Protection

No Charge For Clients

There are lots of features.  We provide, for FREE, training videos that will make you an expert in no time. After reviewing those videos we will be here to answer questions, but you wont need us. 


Need ONSITE Support or Contractor; No Problem contact us we have many dealers in our vast network. If want a turn key solution for your new INTELLIGENT CCTV ANALYTIC SERVER ?

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