Add-on Options can be found after selecting the Server

Option 1: Point of Sale (POS) Register Interface

+ $1,281.00 includes set-up in server

Do you want to inferace with your buiness cash registers, no problem choose our option and  interface with the following (Dont see yours just call us)


Option 2: PTZ Controller/via 485

+ $144.20 includes setup in server with drivers

Our Servers can work with many PTZ protocools but you need this driver and 485 adapter. 



Option 3: License Plate Management Feature

This is a ANPR feature (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) you manage the database. This does not interface with law enforcment databases. Those databases are not available to the public. 

+ $1,449.00 per lane,  includes setup in server

****You will need a LPR camera to utilize this feature properly, we have included a MESSOA LPR       camera in the accessories BUT you can use any LPR camera you want.