Our Base and Optional Products

We are proud to present these THREE Secuirty Servers for your review. We have partnered with Digi-iT America to be the exclusive reseller of these products.

SMART CCTV, Video Analytics, Intelligent Video are all descriptions of NVRs/DVRs that use robust algorithms that yield smarter CCTV systems. We have spent a massive amount of time determing the best solution. Our choice was made on Technology, Support, History of Company and finally Competive Price. Digi-iT measured up to the test.

Are there cheaper solutions out there, sure, but arent you tired of a CCTV system that falls short ? Especially when it is needed ?

You a visual person ? Check out our You Tube Channel for some of the features that this technology can offer: CLICK HERE

This website was desinged to offer all the parts and support needed to deploy, manage and most of all convert your investment. This will be the last CCTV NVR/DVR you will have to buy, it will blow you away and save you time. Use your exsisting cameras, buy low cost its fine our 960H technology will enhance even to lowest qaulity camera.

INTELLIGENT CCTV is here, its time to turn your Security cameras into Sensors !