Analytic Package Upgrades found after selecting the Server

There are four (4) packages available two (2) come included with all our units:  The Basic Package and The Tracker Package

We have uploaded videos so you can see what these VCA features acutally provide. Click the link below to see the videos.


The Basic Package: Included

Intruder & Perimeter Detection:  (most used VCA) 

Camera Tamper Dectections:

Cross a Line or Zone:

Thermal Camera Feature:

Low Light Feature: VIDEO COMING SOON 



The Tracker Package: Included

Tracks over 100 targets simutaneously:

Tracks fast and slow & Overlapping objects:

Camera Shake Cancellation:

Highlights alarmed and non-alarmed obects in different colors: VIDEO COMING



Surveillance Package:  (+1,462.20) 

Directional Filter:

Enter Exit Filter:

Speed Filter:

Appear and Disappear Filter:

Stopping and Loitering:

Abandond Object:  (2nd most used VCA)

Classify Vehicles:

Smoke Detection:

Fire Detection:



VCA Counting Package:  (+822.00)

People Counting:

Vehicle Counting: VIDEO COMING

Directional Filter:


** These are in no way ALL the features but they are the most used. Many more features and REPORTS can be found in our Server. If you have specific need call us, if it can be done we can do it. 

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